BSL-3 Autoclave

Innovative automatic safety door lock

Easy and safe. When the autoclave lid is closed, the lid is automatically locked by a circumferential ring system. A special lip seal made of heat resistant silicone provides reliable sealing. As steam pressure builds within the sterilizer, the seal becomes tighter.

The lid also opens easily – either at the push of a button or automatically at the end of a sterilization cycle.

The door-locking system on this BSL-3 autoclave, is temperature dependent and adheres to national and international safety standards. The door remains locked as long as there is excess pressure in the chamber. The lid, like other parts of the pressure vessel and housing, is made of stainless steel. The modern design faceplate, which also contains the control panel, display and part of the control technology, is made of heat resistant and insulated plastic. There is no risk of the autoclave operator coming into contact with hot components.

BSL3 autoclave lock
sterile autoclave steam

Steam generation

A steam generator is incorporated in the sterilizer housing providing substantial benefits:

  • No heating elements and no reservoir for dirty water in the chamber
  • With stand-by pre-heating option, only 10 min. heating time to 121° C with an empty chamber
  • Improved removal of air from the empty chamber via pulsed heating (rapid attainment of optimal steam atmosphere, even without a vacuum)
  • Accuracy better than ± 0.5 C with empty chamber
  • Quicker cooling as neither hot water in the chamber nor the separate steam generator need be cooled
  • After cooling, steam is immediately available for the next sterilization run.

Pressure-safe up to 5 bar/150 °C

The Systec biosafety autoclaves are designed for higher pressures and temperatures. The standard pressure sterilizer chamber is designed for 5 bar/150 °C. If the expanded pressure and temperature model is selected as an option, all control and safety components are adapted to the higher temperature and pressure. This option may be retrofitted to existing BSL3 series pass through autoclaves.

Systec biosafety autoclave units are equipped direct from the factory for sterilization temperatures up to 140 °C and 4 bar of pressure.

Biosafety Level 3 autoclave chamber
Biosafety Level 3 autoclave quality

Quality materials quality manufacturing

The pressure vessel is made of corrosion-resistant electro-polished stainless steel 1.4571 (V4A) AISI 316 Ti and therefore very easy to clean. The biosafety level 3 autoclave framework and housing are also made of stainless steel. The highly efficient, high-quality Hanno-Tect insulation material releases no particles and therefore the Systec D2D-Series sterilizer is ideal for use in clean room environments

Exhaust steam is condensed automatically via a PT 100-regulated cooling system. This prevents odors and protects waste water piping.

Controls – new generation

The Systec biosafety double door autoclave units have “comprehensive intelligence”: Pressure is controlled via an electronic pressure transducer. Additionally, there is a flexible temperature sensor in the sterilization chamber or in a reference vessel (for liquids) and another sensor at the coldest part of the chamber, the condensate outlet. The touch screen, specially developed for our laboratory autoclave, controls all relevant functions such as steam pressure, temperature and sterilization time as well as optional rapid cooling, pre / post-vacuum and drying.

Menu-presented instructions in easy to read text form. An advanced touch screen with acoustic confirmation signal. Ergonomically located in a logical and easy to operate position.

BSL3 autoclave touch screen

MediaPro Petri Dishes

High quality plates designed for optimal performance in automated plate filling machines, including the MediaFill Plate Pourer.

MediaPro 15 Petri Dishes - Dimensions: 100mm x 15mm
MediaPro 25 Petri Dishes - Dimensions: 100mm x 25mm
MediaPro 60 Petri Dishes - Dimensions: 60mm x 15mm

Buy Plates

Jet3 inkjet printer

The JET3 printer connects seamlessly to the MediaFill plate pourer, providing your lab with total traceability by printing directly on the sides on Petri dishes as they are filled automatically by MediaFill. The JET3 can print up to 2 lines of text/data, barcodes and even images on the sides of dishes.

Second Pump

MediaFill allows for the control of a second, integrated pump unit. This accessory is for mixing additives such as blood into the agar immediately before pouring the plates, minimizing thermal denaturation of the additive.

Plate Cooling

The optional Peltier cooling device is built directly into the surface of the filling chamber and accelerates the solidification of agar helping to minimize condensation.

Software Option

This software module allows users to connect MediaFill to a PC to download all filling process data.

Remote Monitoring

For true-walk-away functionality, MediaFill will page users if a problem occurs, or at the end of a cycle run when user intervention is required.

Stainless Steel Cart

Stainless steel cart accommodates MediaFill plate pourer and Jet3 inkjet printer, includes storage shelf andcaster wheels. Can be custom built to client specifications.