EZ-Mix 3500

EZ-Mix 3500 enables the quick homogenizing of large samples up to 375g. Avoiding all risks of cross-contamination, it is an easy-to-use and powerful lab homogenizer. To improve blending efficiency and lower preparation time, it is equipped with patented adjustable paddles.  Adapted to all kinds of applications and with a guarantee of optimal bacterial extraction, it is a great tool for lab analyses.
The EZ-Mix 3500 is available with a plain front or a window front.   EZ-Mix 3500 with its wide window door, ensures permanent control over your blending, for an always perfect result.

EZ-Mix 3500 Brochure

Blend up to 3500 mL with this powerful lab blender. The EZ-Mix 3500 has a 375g sample capacity, making it ideal for food microbiology applications. The EZ-Mix 3500 is heavy-duty and reliable.

The EZ-Mix 3500 gives the user complete control with variable blending speeds (1.5 - 6 strokes/second), variable blending time (1 sec. - 1 hr or open running) and adjustable blending power depending on your sample type and size. Also features the Q-Tight system, a specially designed closing system to prevent any risk of leaking. The door opens fully for easy cleaning of the blending chamber. Drip tray is optional for easy clean-up!


  • Max. solid sample weigth: 400 g
  • Useful capacity: 200 - 3500 ml
  • Strokes : 1.5 - 6 strokes/sec.
  • Adustable blending time : 1 sec. to 1h
  • countdown & open running
  • Adjustable blending speed controled
  • by microprocessor
  • Side-by-side paddle stop
  • Q-Tight® system

  • All stainless steel
  • Drip tray (optional)
  • Adjustable paddles
  • Multifunction digital screen
  • Unbreakable window door
  • Lifetime guarantee on window door &
  • shock absorbers
  • Pwr. : 220 / 100 - 110 V – 50 / 60 Hz
  • Dim. (l x w x h) : 52 x 47 x 47 cm
  • Weight : 58 Kg