Pulsifier II®

Pulsifier II® employs a revolutionary technology for the processing of food samples for microbiological examination. Unlike paddle-type instruments the Pulsifier II® incorporates an oscillating ring that beats the outside of the plastic bag containing the food sample at high frequency producing a combination of shock waves and intense stirring which drives the microbes into suspension. Pulsification has been shown in most food types to be less destructive to the sample producing lower concentrations of debris.

A programmable digital display is used for cycle times, program setting and pause feature. There is also a self-contained area at the bottom of the instrument capable of collecting a complete sample volume in the event of spills or leaks. The lid has a unique locking device so the bag is sealed tightly to prevent aerosol release. This hinged lid can also be released for easy clean-up.


  • Gentle action reduces bag burst
  • Less suspended food debris therefore easier pipetting
  • Cleaner sample makes plate reading easier and more accurate
  • Efficient process – microbe recovery is equivalent to or better than alternative methods
  • Faster sample preparation time of 15 seconds for most foods
  • Faster filtration as a result of cleaner sample, no need for filter bags
  • Increases laboratory efficiency
  • Reduced disruption of food matrix minimizes inhibition / interference with PCR, flow cytometry techniques
  • New internal design, dependable operation
  • Utilizes 400 ml sample bags

Pulsifier® is included in ISO:7218:2007(E); Microbiology of food and animal feeding stuffs.

ISO: 7218: 2007(E) states that a vibrational mixer (PulsifierR) has the fastest run time of 0.5 to 1 minute (recent evaluations have shown that there is no increase in bacterial recovery after 15 seconds) and is suitable for most food stuffs, including hard or dry products. ISO:7218:2007(E) also states that peristaltic blender (StomacherR ) which has a slower run time of 1 to 3 minutes and may not be suitable for certain foodstuffs such as hard or dry products, as they may puncture the bag. A peristaltic blender (StomacherR) is also shown that they may not be suitable for products which are difficult to homogenize due to texture such as sausages.

Pulsifier 2 Specs

Dimensions in mm(L x W x H) 460 x 320 x 320
Weight (kg/lbs) 10.7/23.5
Power Specs 110v ±10%/50-60Hz
Adjustable Time Setting 15 or 30 seconds