MediaBox™ sterile liquids are a cost-effective, easy to use, solution for any laboratory requiring liquid culture media on demand. MediaBox™ provides fresh, sterile media in an easy-to-handle, stackable storage box with an internal bladder. The convenient box packaging and long shelf life make MediaBox™ simple to use and store.

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MediaBox™ liquid solutions encompass many standard broths and buffers available in 5, 10 and 20 liter box formats. The product is shipped to your door in convenient packaging, ready to use, with a Certificate of Analysis included.

MediaBox fits for any microbiology lab.

MediaBox can fit your workflow! A good option is to use MediaBox by itself and gravity feed your media from the easy to handle box. A better option is to use our EZ-Dispense peristaltic pump with MediaBox to dispense your media with an electronically controlled dispensing wand. The best option is to use our EZ-Flow gravimetric diluters to enable the automatic dilution of the sample with perfect reliability. No weighing the sample, no manually adding diluent.


MediaBox sterile liquids are a good option for labs looking to increase efficiency and eliminate media-making in flasks


Connecting MediaBox sterile liquids to the EZ-Dispense peristaltic pump creates a closed system for easy and accurate dispensing


Completely automate sample weighing and dilution by connecting MediaBox sterile liquids to the EZ-Flow gravimetric diluter


Mediafill Stack 220 Stack 440 Stack 600
Length (mm) 683 683 683 683
Width (mm) 662 662 662 662
Height (mm) 348 410 760 1110
Diameter (mm) 566 566 566
Overall Height (mm) 800 1140 1500
Max Petri dish stacking height (mm) 330 680 1030
Petri dish diameter (mm) 90 90 90
Petri dish height (mm) 12 to 26 12 to 26 12 to 26
Capacity (height of Petri dishes - 16.5mm) 220 440 600
Weight (kg/lbs) 37.5 / 82.5 44.4 / 98 45.9 / 101 47.4 / 104
Stacker (without Petri dishes) 6.9 / 15.2 8.4 / 18.5 9.9 / 21.8

Intuitive Touch Screen Interface

MediaFill is controlled via an intuitive touch screen interface and includes a database of Petri dish brands to insure reliable operation with your dish supplier of choice. The internal control system allows the user to store up to 99 unique programs which are easily accessed from the touch screen.

The integrated peristaltic pump insures precise filling of media, a second pump is available for simultaneous dispensing of blood or other additives. Both pumps feature Drop-Stop control which prevents dripping of media between dish dispensing. This is an improvement over the MediaJet, which only offers a single pump.

Main Features:

  • Collapsible bladder in easy-to-store stackable box
  • Ready-to-use, saving quality control time
  • Products arrive sterility tested
  • Autoclavable adapters and tubing sets available for quick connections to any gravimetric diluter or peristaltic pump
  • Six-month shelf life* reduces cost and waste associated with disposal of expired media
  • Recyclable package makes it environmentally friendly
  • All MediaBox™ products pass strict quality control protocols and include Certificate of Analysis documentation
  • Easily integrates into existing laboratory protocols and practices
  • Custom formulations available
  • 6mm and 8mm tubing and connectors available

(*6 months from date of manufacture)

MediaFill Clean Bench

Custom designed for MediaFill to insure a sterile filling process.

Additional Carousels

MediaFill carousel with capacity of 440 dishes - Available for 100mm, 60mm or 35mm (diameter) dishes

MediaFill carousel with capacity of 600 dishes - Available for 100mm (diameter) dishes

Second Pump

MediaFill allows for the control of a second, integrated pump unit. This accessory is for mixing additives such as blood into the agar immediately before pouring the plates, minimizing thermal denaturation of the additive.

MediaPro Petri Dishes

High quality plates designed for optimal performance in automated plate filling machines, including the MediaFill Plate Pourer.

MediaPro 15 Petri Dishes - Dimensions: 100mm x 15mm
MediaPro 25 Petri Dishes - Dimensions: 100mm x 25mm
MediaPro 60 Petri Dishes - Dimensions: 60mm x 15mm

Buy Plates

Jet3 inkjet printer

The JET3 printer connects seamlessly to the MediaFill plate pourer, providing your lab with total traceability by printing directly on the sides on Petri dishes as they are filled automatically by MediaFill. The JET3 can print up to 2 lines of text/data, barcodes and even images on the sides of dishes.

Stainless Steel Cart

Stainless steel cart accommodates MediaFill plate pourer and Jet3 inkjet printer, includes storage shelf andcaster wheels. Can be custom built to client specifications.

  • MediaBox 5 Liter

  • starts @ $39
  • 5 liters of fresh sterile media that is ready to use. Simply connect your tubing to the MediaBox and you are ready to go.
  • 5 Liters of sterile media
  • 1 x 325g samples or 22 x 25g samples per box
  • Easy and ready to use
  • Cost effective
  • Completely recyclable, environmentally friendly

Increased testing regulations require more media. Be prepared!

Reduces the amount of time required to handle powdered media

Reduces the overall cost associated with media production

Reduces the amount of glassware in the laboratory

Reduces the burn-hazard from removing hot items from an autoclave

Reduces the use of messy powdered media in the lab.

Eliminates a need for additional staff to prepare and QC media

The easy to handle, sturdy box also allows for easy storage